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As Seen On TV - Perfect Meatloaf Loaf Pan Set

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The Perfect Meatloaf Pan is the new non-stick way to bake, lift and serve the perfect meatloaf. Just prepare your favorite loaf, place it on the custom-fitted air bake tray and pop it in the oven, when done out comes your delicious meal all at once! Easily lift, slide and serve without it ever falling apart. Thanks to a durable non-stick coating nothing sticks! The magic is the revolutionary air bake tray that elevates your meal so heat can circulate underneath and cooks evenly so you can have moist perfect meatloaf every time.

Other pans force your meal to sit in fat making it mushy and undercooked. The Air bake tray ensures your meal to be cooked perfectly every time and without all that excess fat. Dishwasher safe so cleanup is a snap! 

Features of Perfect Meatloaf include:

  • Nonstick lifting tray
  • Improved heat and air flow
  • Quick and clean
  • Contains loaf pan and removable aerated tray
  • Elevates & cooks meatloaf evenly, every time
  • Never soggy, drains fat keep meatloaf from falling apart
  • Keeps meatloaf from falling apart

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