Health & Beauty - Deluxe Pain Relieving Hot & Cold Reusable Gel Pack With Removable Cover
Health & Beauty - Deluxe Pain Relieving Hot & Cold Reusable Gel Pack With Removable Cover

Deluxe Pain Relieving Hot & Cold Reusable Gel Pack With Removable Cover

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Deluxe Pain Relieving Hot & Cold Reusable Gel Pack helps reduce aches and pains and soothes the affected area. It is the perfect solution to help relieve strains, sprains, headaches and other soft tissue injuries. 

The reusable gel pack can be easily put into a pocket in the wrap and tied around your knee, ankle, wrist elbow or any other body part with the help of Velcro strap to achieve desired level of compression.

Keep away from extreme and direct heat. Store in a dry place. People with known or suspected for circulatory problem should not use a hot or cold compress except under the direct supervision of a doctor. If hot or cold therapy becomes uncomfortable, remove product for some time, then reapply. Do not puncture bag. If pack breaks and fluid contact skin or eyes. flush with water immediately and consult you doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Hot Therapy:
For Quick heating m
icrowave for 30 seconds, and there after microwave at 10 second increments to achieve desired temperature. Alternatively, boil hot water and soak the gel pack for 10 minutes to heat the pack. Provides relief from muscle and joint pain, back pain, arthritis, stiffness and muscle spasms. Helps improve blood flow and flexibility

Cold Therapy:
tore the gel pack in deep freezer for minimum one hour before use. For emergency purposes, always keep a pack in deep freezer for immediate use.Provides relief from bumps, bruises, toothaches, sprains, fever etc. Helps reduce inflammation and swelling.


  • Pack includes 1 gel pack and one cover with Velcro for easy fasting
  • Dual purpose - hot & cold pack
  • Microwave for fast warming
  • Resuable
  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Helps with arthritis related pain
  • Retains heat for at least 30 minutes & cold for up to 2 hours wants to thank everyone for having taken your time to provide us your valuable feedback relating to your shopping experience with us. Your helpful comments are much appreciated & your feedback will help us to continually improve our services & help us make your shopping experience better.  

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