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Power Magnetic 3- Pack Knee and Wrist Strap

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This therapeutic Power Knee Strap developed by internationally famous orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Levine, is clinically proven to eliminate pain and swelling. Gives continuous support to the patella and lessens the strain on your kneecap... pressing pain away! You'll enjoy increased mobility and be active again. Undetectable under clothing. Adjustable to fit all knee sizes. Machine washable too.

  • These are the new knee strip set knee strap designed as Orthopedic support to muscle pain and works immediately to reduce swelling.
  • Relieve pain and aid mobility by easing pressure on the knee caused  by walking or standing. 
  • Although the strap is very simple, it provides support exactly where you need it and because of the simple, lightweight design it cannot be seen under clothing. 
  • If you have pain in your knee when playing tennis, when jogging, engaging in any form of physical exercise and even more pain after exercise or if you occasionally feel your knee buckling when you are walking or running or dancing, you need the magnetic knee strap to get rid of that pain. 
  • Fully adjustable to fit all sizes. Washable. Suitable for all day use for both men and women.

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