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Selfie Stick Shutter

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Selfie Stick let's you take amazing photo's with your cell phone. Its flagship feature is an audio jack, that when plugged into your phone, let's you trigger the camera's shutter by simply pressing a button on the handle. Versus other products, Selfie Stick gives you the benefit of a remote without the hassle of changing batteries or ever needing to carry an extra remote (that you will likely lose).

Our durable and universal selfie stick let's you clip any size phone with ease. Suitable for any device up to 3.25 inches in width and can be used with many different cell phones.

The stick is extendable and can fit easily into your bag or purse, extending up to 1 meter in length for that perfect angle.

The phone clip can be adjusted 180 degrees, so your cell phone can be placed in the perfect position.


Works with any smart phone that can use the volume button to take a picture. This includes all iPhones and most Android phones above 4.2. If your phone does not use a volume button to take a picture then you can download a camera app that uses the volume button as a shutter release. The selfie stick will then be compatible with your device.

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