Heat-Treated Steel 18-in-1 Multi-Purpose Credit Card Sized Pocket Tool

The power of 18 reliable, functional, everyday tools, in the size of a credit card! Tools that are include: 6 Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, eyeglasses, Phillips, and Flathead screwdrivers!


  • Flat Multi-Purpose Tool (18-in-1) and fits in your wallet
  • Made from 4x heat treated steel and formed thinner than two credit cards
  • A great tool for anyone to carry in their wallet or purse for every day use or emergencies
  • Meets TSA Guidelines for on-flight carry-ons and travel
  • Great for: Repairmen, construction workers, super dads, college kids, mechanics, handymen, military personnel, and anyone with a wallet!
  • Heat-treated steel ensures it will never rust, bend, or dull 


  • Box Opener
  • Eyeglass Screw Driver
  • Letter Opener
  • Nail Puller
  • Inch/CM Ruler
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Cellphone Stand
  • Fruit Peeler
  • 6 Hex Head Nut & Bolts
  • 3 Phillips Flathead Screwdrivers

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