Jenga Drinking Game With 4 Shot Glasses
Jenga Drinking Game With 4 Shot Glasses
Jenga Drinking Game With 4 Shot Glasses

Jenga Drinking Game With 4 Shot Glasses

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This is the super funny adult party game that simultaneously gauges your dexterity and sobriety The game of steady hands, big laughs - seeing double. this game has a wild twist! Each of the 60 wooden blocks has one of 15 challenging commands printed on it. Upon removing the block the person must read the block and the table or player must follow that command. After that challenge has been completed replace the block to the top of the pile and repeat until the tower comes down. This game has proven to be an extreme challenge even sober, so just wait until you get a couple of notches on your belt. Play by the rules or create your own.


  • Includes 4 shot glasses and 60 stacking wooden blocks
  • Drinking challenges printed on the blocks
  • For 2-4 players
  • For ages 18 y/o & above wants to thank everyone for having taken your time to provide us your valuable feedback relating to your shopping experience with us. Your helpful comments are much appreciated & your feedback will help us to continually improve our services & help us make your shopping experience better.  

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