Kitchen - Eco-Bamboo Kitchen And Dish Towel

Eco-Bamboo Kitchen and Dish Towel

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Eco-Bamboo Towels replaces landfill-clogging paper towels and throw away wipes. Thes resuable wipe absorb more than 10 times their weight in liquid. Made of 82% Bamboo fibers and 18% GMO free corn, unlike other microfiber products that are made from petrochemicals. This product is 100% compostable and machine washable.

These amazing cloth cleans a variety of surfaces without leaving piles of fabric to clean up later. Unlike microfiber, our reusable cleaning towels outperform paper towels without harming the environment. Best of all, they cost less than paper towels, making it a superior and realistic replacement. You won’t be disappointed with these strong natural cleaning cloths


  • Reusable wipes
  • Absorb more than 10 times their weight in liquid
  • Natural viscose fibers - 82% Bamboo & 18% GMO Free Corn
  • 100% Compostable
  • Machine-washable
  • Can also be sanitized in a dishwasher or microwave


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