Eraserooz Frosti Foodz
Eraserooz Frosti Foodz
Eraserooz Frosti Foodz

Eraserooz Frosti Foodz

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Back in the days of elementary school, amidst everyone’s chunky pink erasers, the chance to have a fun, colorful eraser made you seem instantly cooler.

And now, here’s every kids chance to make their own with this easy craft project to create their own custom collectibles that double as the cutest miniature erasers you’ve ever seen. The Eraserooz line (it even has such an adorable name!), from ORB, features different kits, so kids ages 8 and up can create their own magical unicorn, funny food, and sweet dessert-inspired eraser collectibles.

Each kit includes everything needed to mold your sweet creations, such as the themed molds to create seven different designs, four packs of eraser clay, a spray bottle, and a sculpting tool.

To start, crafty tweens can set up both halves of the mold by spritzing water inside, so the clay pieces will be easy to remove. Lids can press a soft piece of clay into the same mold shape, making sure to fill it completely, on each side, and close up the mold, making sure to line up the grooves in the corners and press down firmly to close. Hold together briefly, and then re-open the mold and remove your shaped erasers.

Kids can use the sculpting tool to finesse the edges and their shape as needed. Next, take each molded piece and assemble it together, adding extra clay pieces to make accessories and decorations. Kids can make the decorations in the mold or by hand. Be sure to attach any pieces together well and firmly, so they’ll be secure prior to baking.

For the finishing touch before you can be the coolest kid in the schoolyard with your funky DIY erasers, the erasers —sans mold— need to bake in the oven for 10 minutes before erasing. Once the baked erasers are cool, they are ready for class and there for you any time you need to erase. A fun eraser certainly makes needing to erase a math class solution way more fun.

Each themed kit comes with different colored clay options, so there is no shortage of creative play for kids to dream up and sculpt. Each kit can make eight different erasers.

Talk about going to school in style!

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