LED  Signs - Open Pot Leaf
LED  Signs - Open Pot Leaf

LED Signs - Open Pot Leaf

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Entertain your eyes! Enlighten your life! LED signs are beautiful and at an affordable price. These are great gifts for everyone, for every occasion & for everywhere! Compare to the traditional gas-filled tube neon signs, ADV PRO signs are more affordable (50-70% cheaper!), consume less electricity (3 watts only! Save money in the long run! ), are more environmentally friendly & safer to use & touch (no noxious gas, no mercury, very little heat), less maintenance required (no need to refill gas, can last for 50,000 hrs/ 5-10 yrs). You can even change color whenever you feel bored with the original one by purchasing a replacement bulb. What are you waiting for! Take it to your home now!

Dimension:  (19" X 10")

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