All Deals - Posture Support Top
All Deals - Posture Support Top
All Deals - Posture Support Top
All Deals - Posture Support Top

Posture Support Top

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The Magnetic posture support helps ease pain and corrects poor posture.As it gently pulls back the shoulders the neck and the head are straghtened while aligning the spine. The magnetic posture support is easy to wear and gives no discomfort. Its lightweight design enables the wearer to use the support hidden under clothing. Within the support are 12 strategically placed magnets that target the spine and lumbar region. Widely used in the NHS and private health clinics nationwide the medical posture brace gives all-day long relief and comfort for suffers of posture related upper back / neck pain and helps to restore normal back posture. Wear it when walking, Exercising, Working, it is completely discreet. Supports the upper back and improves posture. Say goodbye to aching back pain and slouching shoulders. Size: L-XL (34.5 - 47 in). 

Lightweight garment designed to improve your posture targets the spine and lumbar with 12 magnets

  • Strap garment may improve posture
  • Works to pulls back shoulders, straightens head, aligns spine
  • 12 magnets target spine and lumbar region
  • Lightweight, can be worn under clothes
  • May be worn during exercise
  • Adjustable elastic waistband with velcro closure provides a custom fit for both men and women
  • Hand washing recommended

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