5 Things That Will Help You Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Taking a good nap or getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of any healthy lifestyle, helping you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything during the day ahead. This article will run through 10 simple things that will help you sleep better! 


1. Exercise

At least 150 minutes of vigorous exercise spread over a week (for example, 30 minutes a day for five days) and nightly stretches are great ways to help you sleep, and will also help you feel more productive and alert during the day. Just remember not to exercise too strenuously before bed, as this can make it difficult to settle down – keep your stretches light and slow.


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2. Turn Down The Lights

Try to avoid too much bright light in the couple of hours before bedtime. One of the simplest ways to help you sleep better is to avoid ‘blue light’ from technology like phones and laptops, which can keep you awake and interfere with your body clock. What you can do instead to lightly illuminate your room is to use a flameless candle than can ease you into sleep and will be safe to fall asleep on. The one listed below has a timer too!

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3Keep Your Dinner Light

A really big meal just before bed can stop you from getting to sleep easily, so opt for lighter meals in the evening. Another one of the simplest tips to help sleep is to avoid over-imbibing, as alcohol can disrupt your night’s rest. To help with this, how about you try our dinner portion control plate? It's a bestseller!

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4. Get Comfortable Bedding 

Some people wonder why they always sleep better in a hotel. It is recommended that you upgrade your bedding at least every 5–8 years.
If you haven't replaced your mattress or bedding for several years, this can be a very quick fix. 

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5. Light Canceling Curtain 

Whether you are trying to keep the sun out to get some extra sleep in the morning, these blackout curtains will get the job done. These curtains also help to reduce outside noise from invading your home all for better sleep!

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