Tips For Decorating Your Garden This Spring

Spring time is all about the outdoors. The flowers are blooming, the air is fresh and the sun is warm and just right! We know you can't wait to spend some time in your garden or patio, have a little breakfast or coffee al fresco while the butterflies flutter all around. Just imagine that! Won't that make a lovely day? very well then, let's get your garden looking ready for those late summer nights and dinner and barbecues.


1. Expandable Magic Garden Hose With Nozzle

First thing first, we know how sad your garden must be looking now after all that dryness and snowy days that comes with winter. It's time to bring your garden back to life and looking evergreen. One simple tool you can add to help with this process is our 50 Ft. Expandable Magic Garden Hose With Nozzle. This hose with nozzle is a high performance one that automatically expands up to 3X its length while giving you a powerful high-flow water spray. Simply watch our hose expand and contract as your water is turned on and off. It's strong and ultra lightweight, will not twist, tangle or kink and the accordion design allows for ease of use and compact storage. No more struggling with heavy traditional style garden hoses.

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2. Garden Genius Gloves with Claws

A garden hose just don't feel right without a garden glove now does it? Picking out all those weeds and planting new flowers can be 10 times easier with our garden gloves simply because it has built in claws for easy digging, planting and raking, these garden gloves are a one step solution to your gardening tasks. The gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands. Garden Genius Gloves rinse clean keeping your hands dry and clean. Garden the quick and easy way with Garden Genius Gloves. 

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3. Flameless Adjustable Dancing Tiki Light

Be the host with the most or the hostess with the mostess by beautifying your backyard with realistic, solar-powered Tiki lights that give the beauty and ambiance of a dancing flame. Easy to install with no wiring or electricity required. Waterproof, and weather-resistant. The Tiki light is great for yards, pools, pathways, gardens or decks! Just imagine the impression on your parties faces. 

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4. 100 Pack: Glow-In-The-Dark Fluorescent Garden Pebbles

Still on decor matters, you can line the walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique acrylic pebbles. After being exposed to daylight, these pebbles glow in the dark! The glow lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours after full sun exposure.These are a flat marble size and are made of a poly resin material that will be safe and not take up a lot of room in any path or flower garden. If you're having people over to your house, they'll enjoy the glow in the dark pebbles that draw attention to flower beds, pathways, planters, or anywhere else you put them!

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5. Power Paws Whimsical Solar-Powered Decorative Garden Lights

And one more thing for all pet lovers, it wouldn't feel right is we didn't have something for you guys. Add light to your yard with these Pet Prints Whimsical Solar-Powered Decor Garden Lights. Simply press them into grass or dirt up to 3 feet apart anywhere in your yard. Each walkway pet print light measures 3.5 x 3.5 inches. Featuring a separate solar panel that recharges the landscape solar lighting during the day. Built-in photo sensor turns the lights on at dusk and off at dawn for easy automatic operation. These garden lights are great for walkways, gardens, flowerbeds and more! It is easy to install and no wiring or set up needed! The manual power switch automatically lights off when not in use.

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