Hold Up! We've Got 5 Accessories You Need Before You Take That Trip

Travel season is upon us and this is where we come in to make it a more a pleasurable experience for you! W'eve got you covered from packing to the actual trips. So we have put together a compelling list (if we do say so ourselves) of our top rated travel accessories that makes traveling whether short or long worthwhile, easy and fun!


1. Luxe Neck Travel Pillow With Attached Pouch

Get rid of neck discomfort while sleeping on the plane, bus or any vehicle! Luxe Neck Travel Pillow With Attached Pouch is a cozy traveling accessory with an irresistibly soft U-shape in supportive memory foam to snugly fit around the neck. It comes with an attached pouch to keep it clean and protected during travel. It is so handy that you can just hang it thru your luggage or backpacks!

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2. Zipped Travel Document and Passport Holder

Store all your travel documents in one place for your trip! This Passport and Travel Documents Holder will safely hold all your important documents when you travel. This documents holder can hold your passport, boarding pass, tickets, transit and phone cards, credit and ID cards, and even your money and valuables in the zipped pocket. You will never have to worry about losing important travel documents again, don't leave home without it!

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3. Water Resistant Travel Bag and Luggage Organizer Set

This 6-Piece Travel Bag and Luggage Organizer Set will help you neatly and efficiently organize your suitcase while packing for your travels. When you arrive at your destination this awesome set will make it a breeze for you to unpack and find what you need without tearing your suitcase apart! It comes with 3 mesh packing cubes and 3 laundry pouch bags, allowing you to keep everything organized, and more importantly keep the dirty laundry separate from your fresh clothes! Forget reaching into your bag and finding your clean shirts resting near your stinky socks – dedicate one bag to underwear, another to clothes, the other to toiletries – and the rest to whatever other bits and pieces you desire.

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4. Toiletry & Cosmetics Travel Bag With 3-Compartments & Built-In Hanging Hook

This toiletry bag has 3 compartments with ten pockets in the main compartment for your toiletries, cosmetics, and make-up. It's innovative design includes ample space, being compact yet big enough to hold a small towel, shampoo bottle and other essential toiletries. A towel can be folded and stored in the main compartment or the mesh pocket, functional mesh slip pockets are ideal for classifying and organizing toiletries, skin care products and other items. Elastic loops are adjustable to fasten cosmetic tools or shaving kit.

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5. "Carry On Comfort" Heavy Duty Luggage Strap

Are you tired of having to put down and pick up your bags all the time when travelling? Enjoy stress free travel days and transfers with this "Carry On Comfort" Heavy Duty Luggage Strap. It attaches easily to the handle system of wheeled luggage and secures a second bag, coat or other item, allowing the two items to move as one.This luggage strap will make check ins, layovers, flights, train journeys more comfortable. Carrying more luggage with less effort makes travel days easier on your body. It secures all your luggage together and keep it intact. No more falling bags or dropping suitcases

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