The Best Car Gadgets And Accessories For The Ultimate Road Trip Experience

Spring break is almost here and there is no other time perfect for a family road trip.! So pack up the car, juice up the gadgets and grab the paper maps. So we have put together a compelling list (if we do say so ourselves) of our top rated car gadgets that makes driving a long distance worthwhile, easy and fun!


1. Automotive Car Cup Holder

If there's only one thing you get from this list, it has to be the our cup holder. Making so many coffee stops will get easier when you have a place to put your cup while driving. Not only does it hold your slushies and lattes, it's also great for holding your keys, sunglasses and other miscellaneous items. This item has been highly reviewed by our buyers. Click through to see for yourself. 

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2. HD Vision Day & Night Driving Glasses

Why we love this one is because we consider safety a top priority. Safe driving is very important for a road trip. These driving glasses will block out the glare from the sun during the day and from oncoming traffic at night. Just a little investment to ensure the safety of your family.

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3. Phone Mount 

This is definitely a must. You can hardly get anywhere without a GPS for direction and you definitely don't want to be holding your while while you drive. It is best that a phone should be mounted in front of you so you do not completely take your eye off the road. It instantly grips any style of phone or GPS and mounts to your dash or windshield without any tools or adhesives.

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4. Car Snack Tray

What about the kids? To survive a road trip with kids, you need to prepare food and fun activities for them to minimize tantrums and crankiness. This on the snack tray will keep their food in place and can also be used as a place to keep their toys and stay occupied. You don't want bored children on a road trip. 

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5. USB Car Charger

The reason why this USB Charger is special is because it lets you charge any two mobile devices like your smartphones or tablet simultaneously while you are on the go. High quality metallic design and five vibrant colors to choose from. A must have for any vehicle and road trips.

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What are your thoughts on these?

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