8 Baking Products You NEED Right Now!

Love baking at home?

Here is a list of 8 products that you NEED right now to add some ease and fun into your baking experience.

Let's start with the essentials!

1. Egg Cracker:

Add this fun gadget to your baking routine to easily crack the eggs for all your baking needs or even just for your daily breakfast!

2. Two Pack: Non-Stick Grill and Bake Mat: 

We at DealsClub love this reusable and easy to clean non stick mat. It's suitable for baking as well as grilling. The no-stick Grill Mat keeps your grill clean while you make the perfect meal for your family and friends. Enjoy barbecuing more as clean up is a breeze. Clean in the dishwasher or simply wash with soap and water Go add it to your cart right now!

3. The safe glove hot surface handler: 

We know baking is very fun and exciting and sometimes it's hard to resist waiting for those freshly baked cookies but we want you to be safe! Oven mitts are annoying! Get our safe gloves now and enjoy the burn-free benefits of having each individual finger insulated against heat up to 540ºF (280ºC). Handle any hot surfaces with ease. 

And now some fun products, because why not? :D

4.Tasty Top Cake Pops Baking Kit:

Tasty Top is the fast and easy way to make some fancy cake pops. They would make a perfect addition for any party menu or just a fun little snack for your kids. In as little as 10 minutes, you can make your own cake pops. Tasty Top works with any store-bought cake mix. 

5. 4 Pack: Jean-Style Muffin Tops:

These cool little muffin cups would be the perfect motivation for you to bake some healthy breakfast muffins and actually lose those muffin tops! Plus they also double as a cool kitchen decor. 

6. 4 Pack: Cupcake Pedestal Set: 

Check out our cupcake pedestal set because we know your beautifully baked cupcakes deserves its own little throne! :D It would give a very elegant touch to your dessert table for any party or celebration.

7. Macarons Baking and Decoration Set: 

As far as we are concerned Macarons wins the patisserie beauty award! Get this set now to make some at home. Don't forget to let us know how you like it!


8. Cake Letterpress Set:

Make decorating cake easier! With this letterpress set, you won't have to worry about spacing or sizing you message because it'll do that for you! Simply create your word put it in the frame and press it into the cake and place your icing over it!

Let us know your favorite baking essentials in the comments down below!

Happy Shopping! :D

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