8 Essentials Every Drivers Needs For A Safer Road Experience

Whether you are a daily commuter or going on a long road trip, with the right set up in your car you can make all your drives much safer! Here is a list of our recommendations:

1 Clear Vision

The most basic requirement for a safer driving experience is clear vision! Make sure your windshield is clean and always have a spare pair of sunglasses in your car! We recommend installing Day & Night Visors, so you will never have to worry about forgetting your sunglasses! Day & Night visors not only help with blinding sunlight during the day, it also helps with blurring high beams at night!

Try HD Day and Night Anti-Glare Vehicle Visor - NOW AVAILABLE IN DELUXE VERSION!

2 Navigation

GPS and Navigation systems have made life much easier! You can easily get to any location with the best available route through the maps on your phone but it's really important to have your phone securely set on a stand for you to keep an eye on the road as well as the navigation simultaneously! Every driver needs a good and sturdy Phone Holder!

3. Charger

Weather on a long road trip or a on your daily commute, a car cellphone charger is a must have accessory! Never worry about dead battery on your phone or other electronic devices anymore if you always have a car charger ready and waiting!

Charge 2 devices at a time! Try Metallic Hi-Speed Dual USB Car Charger

4. Cleaning Supplies

You must always keep some car cleaning supplies in your trunk or glove compartment. Easily clean your windshield with handy tools so you never have to worry about clear vision again!

Also try The Original Multipurpose Super-Absorbent Shammy

5. Smart Organizers

Using various car organizers will definitely help you have a designated place for your daily use items like phone chargers, keys, loose change, important documents and more! Invest in some smart car organizers and avoid the mess and safety hazards!

Don’t attempt to retrieve items that fall to the floor! Try 2 Pack: Catch Caddy Car Genie Seat Compartment Holder! It catches items before they fall on your car floor!

Car Valet Instant Organizer

Automotive 5-in-1 Multipurpose Cup Holder & Instant Storage Organizer

6. Car Camera & Emergency Jump Starter

Be prepared for emergencies. Always have a first aid kit ready in your car. Invest in some car black box cameras and emergency jump starters. We recommend: 

GT300 Full HD 1080P DVR Dash Camera with Night Vision

1080P Full HD Car DVR System With Front and Rear Camera

Ultra-Portable & Rechargeable Emergency Car Battery Jump Starter

7. Travelling With Kids Or Pet

Travelling with kids won't be as tedious if you are well prepared! Make sure you have the car seats clean and ready if you have kids that require car seats. Don't forget to pack snacks, some toys or activity kits to keep them busy!

If you are travelling with pets, make sure you have a car seat protector and some treats! 

Try Kids "On The Go" Snack Tray

Magic Toroflux 3D Kinetic Flow Ring Interactive Spring Toy

Ultra-Soft Mermaid Tail Blanket - Children and Adult Sizes Available!

Try Luxury Fleece Pet Blanket - Doubles as car seat protector due to its large size!

8. Some Relaxation

Don't forget music! Load your phone with your favorite music or audiobooks to keep the journey fun! 

Try Car & Home Massage Thermotherapy Pillow

What are some of the things you do to make your daily commute or road trips more fun? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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