How To Naturally Beat The Chill Without Turning Up The Heat

While it is essential to stay warm during the cold weather, indoor heaters are used extensively to beat the chill. Being an easy and convenient way to keep warm, it isn't a healthy way of living when it is cold. Heaters depletes the moisture content in the air which increases toxic levels in the house causing health problems like respiratory diseases, skin diseases and temperature fluctuations which could be fatal. 

Here are a few tips to stay warm without turning up your heaters: 

1. Snuggle Up With The Perfect Blanket
Choosing the right blanket will help you keep warm and cozy on those cold winter nights. Whether you’re curling up against the cold, or sleeping in on the weekend, choose a warm yet lightweight blanket that is perfect for almost any mood or temperature!
Try Ultra-Soft Reversing Sherpa Blankets 

2. Switch To A Down Comforter Or DuvetFind a duvet that provides extra warmth and luxurious comfort with superior baffle box construction that ensures even feather distribution and warmth.
We recommend: 
Luxury Overfilled Gel Fiber Premium Duvet 

3. Use Rugs To Keep Your Feet WarmYou can place one right next to your side of the bed so that you start your day by stepping onto something warm.
Luxury Faux Sheepskin Furry Rug

4. Block Drafts

Keep heat in and cold out by cutting a pool noodle in half lengthwise, wrapping it in fabric, and sliding it under your door. It'll stay put all winter, and you can re-use it at the pool party for the summer.
But we recommend 
Twin Draft Guard Insulating Device

5. Drink Soup And Warm Beverages

Keep coffee, tea, cider and hot cocoa on hand, so there will be something everyone enjoys and pair them up with Innovative Mugs to turn your frown into a smile!

What are the alternative ways do you do to keep yourself warm during the cold season? Let us know in the comments down below!

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