Introducing The Ease-In Inflatable Hangout Lounger!

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We at DealsClub love deals and comfort so we are extremely excited to bring you the hottest summer must have! Check out our Ease-In Inflatable Hangout Lounger!!!

The Ease-In is an inflatable lounger that is going to "ease in" a lot more fun in all your summer activities! Before you roll your eyes at the thought of the hassle of filling it up with air, let us explain how it works and why it is the best portable lounger ever!

The Ease-In inflates within seconds without requiring a pump or your lung! It is made of high quality nylon and is waterproof which makes it perfect to hang around in at the beach! But this amazing product is not just a beach lounger, you can use the Ease-In to lounge around at home, at the poolside, parks, outdoor festivals or any other place you feel like lounging around! :D You can use Ease-In on any smooth surface!

Our Ease-In lounger lasts for about an afternoon on a single fill. In case you want it to last a bit longer than that, you may top the bag up with a little bit of air, or twist the top of the Hangout downwards one more time to fully re-pressurize the bag.

Ease-In is designed to give you an experience of a comfortable lounger away from home. It is designed to last only a few hours as a portable lounger and hence, can not be used as a portable bed since it isn't designed as an air mattress. :P

Ease In can take up to 440lbs/200kg of load. In windy environments when you are not sitting on the lounger we recommend that you secure the Ease-In lounger by tying it to something heavy or by putting your bags on top so that it doesn't blow away. :D

We do not recommend using the Ease-In Lounger in water. Even though it is completely waterproof and can float on the water, It is not designed to be a water safety device.

Ease-In is as easy to flatten as it is to inflate! You just have to undo the clip at the opening and roll that back out, then from the other side start rolling it in towards the opening while letting out the air easily. Roll it all the way and then fold it in half and put it back in the portable carry bag and it's ready for your next adventure!

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