Must Try!!! Ten Piece Oval Brush Set

The beauty community has been buzzing with raving reviews of the all new oval makeup brush sets! Have you tried them yet?

Our 10 Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set is a must have for all the beautiful ladies out there! They are super soft and will apply your makeup quickly and efficiently! 

10 brushes means it has everything you need to do a full face of makeup from foundation to detailed eye makeup! 

 We hear, once you try these you will never use the regular brushes again! 

Here is what you can do with each one of these beauties!

Oval 10 

This giant brush is perfect for applying setting power and works incredibly for body makeup too since the large size helps apply it very quickly to larger areas! 

Oval 9 


Oval 9 is great for applying foundation. It creates an airbrushed finish! Since the brush is very dense your foundation won't seep in the brush so you will need very little product which is an added advantage!

Oval 8

Oval 8 brush is perfect for seamlessly applying blush and bronzer. It works for both cream and powder formula.

Oval 7

Oval 7 works great for all your contour needs. The size is just right to carve your cheekbones perfectly and achieve a chiseled movie star look! 

The four face brushes (7,8,9 and 10) could be used interchangeably for applying any of your face products as per your ease and preferences.

Oval 6 

Oval 6 brush works great for under eye concealer! Its oval shape and densely packed bristles will make your under-eyes look flawless! 

Elongated Oval 5 

This brush is perfect for depositing color on your lid as well as blending your eye shadow in your crease. It also is very useful in creating smokey eyes since the narrow oval shape helps apply the shadow close to your lash line and smudges it effortlessly!

Elongated Oval 4 

This brush works great for nose contour. The narrow shapes works as a guideline in creating the perfect lines as well as blends the makeup like a dream! It could also be used for creating a detailed eye look like cut crease. 

Elongated Oval 3

This narrow oval brush is great for applying eyeliner and brow products. It also works great for applying brow highlight. 

Round 2 

Round 2 works great with concealer to cover up any blemishes or marks. The fluffy round shape can also be used to blend eye shadow. 

Round 1 


This brush works great for applying cream lip color. The round shape helps you draw and define a perfect cupid's bow with any lip color of your choice for a perfect pout. 


Brushes 1-6 can be used interchangeably for creating any detailed makeup or eye makeup look depending on your preference.

Click Here to get yours now! Available in Rose Gold and Black!


Are you excited to try these? What are some of your favorite makeup brushes? 

Let us know in the comments down below!

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